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Care for Culture, an initiative by the Global Isai Festival, reaches out to people with music. The belief that music heals, spreads joy, raises hopes and builds dreams drives this initiative forward. Every year, the artists who collaborate with the Festival perform for those in need of care. Workshops are conducted at various institutions, and musicians connect with the people who benefit from the power of music and the fervor of global culture, to bring about change. In the past years, this initiative has included performances at Children’s Cancer Hospital, Puzhal Jail for the inmates, School for the Blind, workshops, etc.

This festival invites you to feel the power of music, be part of the change. It’s time to create a culture that cares.


In association with Ann Care Foundation, music was taken to the children at the Children’s Cancer Institute at Egmore and SRM College. Performances were made by Simangavole from Reunion Island and childrens’ band, V Take Off. The event was a huge success and spread joy in the hearts of many! The children were happy and had a good day listening to music from a different culture. The success of the event inspired the organizers to make this an annual cause to participate in.

Workshops were also conducted in 2015 at the A R Rahman’s School of Music, KM Music Conservatory.


L Shenkar feat. Lalitha and Nandini performed for the inmates of Puzhal Jail on Republic Day.

“The best concert I have had so for in India during my tour is for the prisoners @ the Puzhal Jail just for the reason I get to meet around 500 prisoners or more many of them sharing their experience with me which made me feel so special and greatful. The best compliment I got from many of them was they said they will have a peaceful night of sleep after hearing the show. Music has the power to heal! The man below has been in prison for more than 30 years he said.” – L Shenker

“World-renowned musician Shenkar, who is a vocalist, instrumentalist and a songwriter, will be playing a special concert today. On the occasion of Republic Day, he'll be performing for the inmates of the Puzhal jail in the city. "It's a special feeling," says Shenkar, who is currently in the city, "I was invited to play at the Isai festival last month and the promoters of that were involved in the Puzhal concert. When they proposed the idea, I was very interested since I have worked with rehabilitation stuff and such special projects all the time. Among other numbers, I'll be performing songs from my album, The Revelation, and special guests Dr M Lalitha and M Nandini, will be playing too." – Times of India.


French band Boogers performed for the School for the Blind in Chennai.

Workshops were conducted in Landmark Bookstore and University of Madras (Music Dept)


In the first year, workshops were conducted in Landmark Bookstore, Madras Christian College and Madras University (Music Dept)